"When you hear with the eye, everything is clear and undisguised." Zen Master Dogen

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sticks and Stones: Room One

Welcome to Silence: A Gallery.
With these paintings I am trying to capture something of the Silence that permeates creation. I have found in life that Silence springs forth from the simplest of things: a fly tapping against a lamp shade, a dog barking in the distance. I have also found something of that transformation occurs while viewing simple images.
"Sticks and Stones" is my first "online show." In Room One you'll find smaller images, 8 x 10 in size. I made these over Christmas break. The sticks were in my backyard. The stones I found around the house. I scanned these and then "chopped" them with rubber stoppers from my genetics lab (at work) and then "babbled" some calligraphic strokes.
You can click on the images and they grow huge. Too huge, some would same- but, come what may. All my art is discovery. Here's your chance to join in.

Stick Snap. 8 X 10 multimedia ink and scanner. SOLD

Stone with Venus. 8 x 10, mixed media. The stone here I collected as a kid from a river bed in southern Illinois. It's an Indian tool. Seems like those are blood flecks left on the smooth side.

Stick with Pine Cone. 8 x 10 mixed media.

Stone levitating. 8 x 10 mixed media.

Stick at Play. 8 x 10 mixed media. Matted 11 x 14 format. SOLD

Stone as Seed. 8 x 10 mixed media. In the midst of making these paintings I took a break and cut open an avocado for a snack. My new Christmas knife was so sharpe! The cuts oxidized into a nice bright red.

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